Call Centre & Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

For Established Enterprises & Hyper-Growth Companies


Call Centre & Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Established Enterprises & Hyper-Growth Companies

Markets & Solutions

Telco Zone

We specialize in the efficient distribution of LTE and FTTH to homes, leveraging over a decade of experience and an …

Charity Zone

Fundraising and donor acquisition require a specialized skill set. Your cause deserves the marketing expertise …

Back Office

Innovative Order Processing that simplifies the CX journey. We have the back office capability and capacity …

Sure & GPS Zone

Whether you require a substantial number of leads for your brokers or sign-ups for VAPS and Non-advisory …

Subscription Zone

If your company offers subscription-based services, our call centre is fully equipped to provide …

Smart Product Zone

Our objective is to educate the mass market and make SMART home technology accessible …

Why Us

Opt for our call center with cutting-edge tech for exceptional marketing, sales, and automation, ensuring remarkable results. Our award-winning solutions drive customer acquisition and revenue growth, expertly expanding your customer base. Trust our expertise to reach your goals.

Customer Journey Mapping

Using Dedicated Sales Teams

Quick to Respond


Multi-Lingual, Customer-Oriented

Converting B2C Leads into Customers

Training & Development

new LTE/FTTH customers signed up for ISP’S

donors signed up for charities

new vaps clients signed for insurance clients